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Down For Maintenance

Caleb Radio is down for essential maintenance from 11.30am on Tuesday 27th January for 3 hours. Once complete we look forward to continuing to serve our listeners with the latest in Christian Music and Sound Biblical Teaching Programs. Thank you for your patience during the maintenance.

The Gospel Blues Train

We are delighted to air The Gospel Blues Train here on Caleb on Wednesday nights at 9pm and repeated on Sunday nights at 9pm. This show is produced and hosted by Lins Honeyman, a gospel blues singer from Perth in Scotland here in the UK. Lins interviews and features many of the great blues artists, some who have also featured on national radio here in the UK. Lins states:

“The show’s stylistic basis is gospel blues music past and present although the genres of gospel, funk, soul, R&B, bluegrass and folk are occasionally visited and aims to entertain and educate the listener in the vast array of quality gospel-based blues music out there. A number of “big” names in the blues world have already contributed including Radio 2 blues show presenter Paul Jones, American blues singer Eric Bibb and Jools Holland singer Ruby Turner.”

Interview with EataCD’s Caroline Johnston…

Catch up with some of the newest Christian Music coming from Scotland this Friday 24th November at 9pm here on Caleb Radio.  Irene MacBain had the privilege of interviewing Caroline Johnston – one of the founders of, which was set up to promote Christian Music Artists here in Scotland.  Caroline shares what eatacd is all about and what they aim to achieve.  Includes recent and new Christian Music from some of the artists they represent.  Tune in to find out more….

Major Upgrade Completed

After several weeks our major studio upgrade is complete with grateful thanks to Clyde Broadcast and Securenet Systems for their assistance in getting it finished.  We will be working to continue building on what has already been accomplished and want to thank all our listeners for their faithfulness during this time.  Throughout the whole process we were only off air for a total of 2 hours, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the latest Christian hits, Sound Biblical teaching and more as we continue throughout the coming months and years.  If you have appreciated listening to Caleb, why not tell your friends about us so they can either listen online or download the apps for iPhone, iPad and Mobile Android devices from the appropriate stores.

Caleb Radio Update

We’re totally blessed with what the Lord has done over the last year with Caleb Radio and as we consider our future expansion, we will be having a major upgrade of our studio facilities and equipment.

During the period from 5th to 19th July, we’ll have a music only feature, playing some great music, but we will be back with a full program of Bible teaching and devotionals as well as the great variety of great music that is expected from Caleb Radio from the 20th July.

We’re excited about the revised programming and the new look Caleb Radio and look forward to having your company again in the days, weeks, months and even years to come.

The Lord has great things in store for Caleb Radio as we reach out from the heart of Scotland with a heart for the world.  Our desire is to have a global impact with a local touch.

Please keep us in your prayers.

May the Lord richly bless you!

Thursday 26th June

Due to unforseen circumstances we will be playing music for the next 24 hours.  We will return to normal programming as soon as possible.

Tune in to Caleb From Facebook…

Now you can tune into Caleb Radio direct from our facebook page where you can listen to the latest Christian music, sound Biblical teaching from a range of Scottish and American Bible teachers and more…. Why not like us on Facebook to receive the latest updates.

New Donations Button Option

Over the past year we have had several donations in from listeners and supporters which have been greatly appreciated and have gone directly to keeping Caleb up and running.  With the progression of technology and online payments, along with increased security offered with services such as Paypal, we can now offer the option for those who would like to send a donation online to do so.  All money donated in this way is received by Caleb Radio less the normal Paypal charges.  Donations from £1 upwards can be sent by clicking on the button below:

Further information about supporting Caleb Radio is available from

Technical Interruptions

After dealing with some technical issues here at Caleb Radio, we return to bringing 24/7 streaming of the latest Christian music and sound biblical teaching from some of the most well known (and not so well known), Bible teachers in our time.  More information about our schedule is available here… and if you have any questions contact us at

Daily Devotions on Caleb

Hear Debbi Bryson and Anne Graham Lotz as they share short 2 minute devotionals on Caleb.  Debbi’s “Wisdom for Women” can be heard at 8.45am and 8.45pm; while Anne’s “Daily Light For Daily Living” can be heard at 2.45am and 2.45pm.

For more information on Debbi check out her website here…and for more information on Anne check out her website here…